I still cannot believe that it’s been five years since I first came to the UK as an excited postgraduate research student. Apart from the usual frustrations in a researcher’s life, it has been quite amazing really! In these five years, apart from getting prefixed for life (I am a Dr. now, yay!), I made some really good friends, discovered that I can also cook and bake, learnt so much more about different cultures and their food and travelled whenever I could afford to as a student. My love for food also kept me aware of all the multi-cuisine cheap eats in London which my tastebuds can appreciate! Like anywhere else, living in London also has its cons and I did have some painful, annoying experiences  (and some funny now when I look back). My best friend has been telling me for quite some time now to pen down my food, travel and other life experiences here in UK in a blog. And I finally succumbed to it today! 🙂